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Meet Our Advisors

    Michael Trenkamp- West Coast Law Enforcement Legal Liaison

Kyle Jeffries- West Coast Law Enforcement Legal Liaisons 

Rich Clawson- West Coast Law Enforcement Legal Liaisons

Ryan Millbern-  ICRWDA / Training & Certifications  

Samantha Conrow MBA Business Management

Confidential K9 Services/Team K9/High Definition K9 is proud to welcome Michael Trenkamp as our Legal Liaison for the West Coast Division within our esteemed Board of Advisors. With over 24 years in the security, risk management, and public safety sectors, Michael’s appointment marks a significant enhancement to our strategic operations and legal expertise.

Michael’s career is distinguished by his roles in pivotal security and law enforcement positions. Prior to his current role, he served as a field supervising sergeant with the Oakland Police Department and a security contractor in the defense and aerospace sectors. His experience in leading security operations for Applied Materials in Silicon Valley and managing global security initiatives speaks to his unparalleled leadership and strategic capabilities.

In addition to his vast experience, Michael has also served as an adjunct instructor with the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General, in the Dignitary Protection Unit. This role highlights his expertise in high-level security and protection strategies, further accentuating his proficiency in both public sector law enforcement and private sector security management.

A member of prestigious organizations including the National Tactical Officers Association, Silicon Valley Security Leadership Association, and ASIS International, Michael is recognized as an expert in risk and vulnerability assessment. His insights are highly sought after for consulting on business vulnerabilities, Homeland Security initiatives, anti-terrorism, and close protection operations globally.

Kyle Jeffries

We are thrilled to announce a significant addition to our Advisory Board, Kyle Jeffries, whose exceptional career spans the military, law enforcement, and legal consulting. Kyle’s journey, marked by dedication and excellence, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team.
– *From the Skies to the Streets:* Kyle’s career began in the US Air Force (1991-1997), where he served as a Power Production Specialist. His assignments took him from Montana to the international stages of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, South Korea, and Utah, setting a solid foundation for his future in law enforcement.

– *A Legacy in Law Enforcement:* Transitioning to the Weber County Sheriff’s Office as a Corrections Officer, Kyle quickly advanced to the Clearfield City Police Department in 1999. Here, he excelled in various specialized roles, including SWAT, Detective Division, Homicide, Sex Crimes, undercover Narcotics, and Traffic Division. His strategic approach to combating drug-related crimes, particularly those involving firearms, has left a lasting impact on the community and his peers.

*National Recognition:*
Kyle’s notable contributions have not gone unnoticed, earning him spots on national TV programs such as “Dateline,” “Cold Justice Sex Crimes,” and “Bloodline Detectives.” These appearances underscore his significant impact on high-profile cases.

*Continued Passion:*
Even in retirement, Kyle’s dedication to service remains unwavering. He now focuses on training his Belgian Malinois, Ara, as a Service Dog, and supports his wife, Shaneel, in her work with an Explosive Detection Dog, Kenai. This transition from active duty to consulting and training reflects his ongoing commitment to community safety and well-being.

*A Valuable Addition:*
As Kyle Jeffries joins us as a legal liaison, especially focusing on Utah, we are enthusiastic about the depth of expertise and dedication he brings. His unparalleled experience in law enforcement and legal affairs is a tremendous asset to our strategic goals and our relentless pursuit of excellence.


Rich Clawson   EOW 05/12/2024

Is an active full time police officer in Utah with over 27 years of experience, over 10 years on multiple SWAT teams, and 2 years of experience as an OCONUS Security Contractor in Afghanistan. He currently works for the only major mass transit department in the state of Utah and is assigned to the K9 Unit with his Explosives Detection K9 partner Lucca. Rich has also acted as the K9 Unit Trainer assisting with the training of numerous Law Enforcement dogs across the region.

Before joining his current police department Rich worked for the largest police department in Utah where finishing his career as a Patrol & Detection K9 handler. His K9 partner, Jäger, was an amazing dog with the pair winning numerous awards both narcotics detection and patrol divisions an overall 2nd Place trophy in their first very first trial and a narcotics detection 1st Place trophy in their last trial.

Prior to his K9 career, Rich worked hard to obtain various instructor certifications including FBI Firearms Instructor, ALERRT Active Shooter Instructor, as well as Axon Taser, Sabre Red OC Spray, and ASP batons Instructor certifications. Rich’s SWAT experience spans multiple roles including entry team, explosive breacher, assistant squad leader and squad leader.

As an OCONUS Contractor Rich worked as an International Police Advisor where he trained local nationals in basic law enforcement skills. Rich also assisted with various PSD assignments protecting members of the United States State Department and other high ranking Afghan officials.


Ryan Millbern has instructed Law Enforcement, Military, Contractors, & Private Security K9 teams around the world and has over 18 years of K9 management, training, and handling experience within Law Enforcement, High Threat Overseas Security Contracting, and Domestic Security Operations. This experience includes positions as K9 Handler, K9 Trainer, Police K9 Instructor, Director of Working Dog Operations, and Senior Program Manager of K9 Operations covering initiation of new K9 programs, assessment & improvement protocols for existing K9 program, creating K9 program specific corporate and law enforcement policies/SOPs, developing operational deployment strategies and establishing K9 and Handler testing and selection procedures. Ryan currently serves as the President of the International Casino & Resort Working Dog Association and also as the Senior Program Manager of K9 Operations for the multi-award winning Wynn Las Vegas K9 Unit.

Ryan has trained scores of Police, Contract, and Security working dogs and handlers in numerous disciplines including explosives detection, narcotics detection, wildlife conservation detection, human remains detection, bed bug detection, scent discriminate trailing, patrol apprehension, and personal protection. He has obtained Instructor, Trainer, and Handler certifications from various entities including ATF, DEA, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of State, Colorado Police Canine Association, North American Police Work Dog Association, United States Police Canine Association, Southern Coast K9, Silver State K9, Ford K9 Training, and Hill Country Dog Center. Additionally, Ryan more than doubled sales and dramatically increased product quality, educational enrichment, brand reputation & integrity during his tenure as Director of Working Dog Operations with a struggling Police K9 Handler school in North Carolina.

Ryan is a retired Police Officer, a North Carolina Board of Community Colleges approved Police K9 Master Trainer School Instructor, a Nevada PILB Certified Firearms Instructor, a human borne explosives decoy currently supporting TSA’s National Explosives Detection Canine Training Program (NEDCTP) at airports across the United States and presently holds federal security clearances. He is also proud to serve as the Senior Program Manager of K9 Operations for Wynn|Encore Las Vegas, overseeing a large multi-threat vector K9 Unit tasked with the protection of over 13,000 employees and guests across the sprawling Forbes 5-Star rated resort.

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