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Meet Our Advisors

    Michael Trenkamp- West Coast Law Enforcement Legal Liaison

Kyle Jeffries- West Coast Law Enforcement Legal Liaisons 

Rich Clawson- West Coast Law Enforcement Legal Liaisons

Samantha Conrow MBA Business Management

Ryan Millbern-  ICRWDA / Training & Certifications  

Confidential K9 Services/Team K9/High Definition K9 is proud to welcome Michael Trenkamp as our Legal Liaison for the West Coast Division within our esteemed Board of Advisors. With over 24 years in the security, risk management, and public safety sectors, Michael’s appointment marks a significant enhancement to our strategic operations and legal expertise.

Michael’s career is distinguished by his roles in pivotal security and law enforcement positions. Prior to his current role, he served as a field supervising sergeant with the Oakland Police Department and a security contractor in the defense and aerospace sectors. His experience in leading security operations for Applied Materials in Silicon Valley and managing global security initiatives speaks to his unparalleled leadership and strategic capabilities.

In addition to his vast experience, Michael has also served as an adjunct instructor with the California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General, in the Dignitary Protection Unit. This role highlights his expertise in high-level security and protection strategies, further accentuating his proficiency in both public sector law enforcement and private sector security management.

A member of prestigious organizations including the National Tactical Officers Association, Silicon Valley Security Leadership Association, and ASIS International, Michael is recognized as an expert in risk and vulnerability assessment. His insights are highly sought after for consulting on business vulnerabilities, Homeland Security initiatives, anti-terrorism, and close protection operations globally.

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