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Meet Bogie, a distinguished 5-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer who’s had quite an illustrious career in the K9 world. He’s no stranger to large venues – his impressive portfolio includes the NBA Finals 2019, Broadway musical Hamilton’s 30-week run in San Francisco’s Orpheum Theater, and more recently, Coachella and Stagecoach festivals in 2022-23.

During his stint at the Orpheum Theater, Bogie became an iconic presence in a very short time. His experience, proficiency, and amicable nature make him an ideal K9 for diverse crowd scenarios. This seasoned pro is ready to make your event safer and more secure!


EOW 12-12-2021 


Meet K9 Rascal, a remarkable 4-year-old Belgian Malinois, whose legacy continues to inspire us. Specialized in managing large crowds, Rascal showcased his proficiency at a variety of high-profile events including the NBA All-Star Game/Weekend 2019, NBA Playoffs and Finals 2019 in Oakland, CA, UC Berkeley Cal Bears 2018 season, and various Google events. His work also extended to significant happenings at Moscone Center, Jet Smarter, XO Jets, and Kaiser Air. Rascal later took on a distinguished role as a private federal contracted dog working with the DOD/DLA.

Sadly, we lost Rascal to liver disease on 12-12-2021 (EOW). His invaluable contributions to our team and his unwavering commitment to service will always be remembered. Today, we honor Rascal’s memory as we continue to uphold the high standards he set in our line of work.



Hi I’m a 10 yr old Belgian Malinois who is currently attached to the Department of Defense / Defense Logistic Agency Police Department in California. I’ve been POST Certified and DoD Validated. My most notable seizure was 32 kilos of cocaine. I’ve located over 10 million USD worth of drugs in the private aviation sector.



Hello frens I’m a 7yr old German Shepherd. Over my career I’ve helped train many Law Enforcement Handlers here in California. My main job is Narcotics interdiction at the following Airports: Van Nuys, Burbank, Hathrowne, LAX, and the John Wayne Airports. I also hold a valid POST certification



Introducing K9 Jack Bauer, a 4.5-year-old Belgian Malinois with an extensive portfolio of high-profile assignments. Not only is he POST certified and DoD validated, Jack has provided security at several large-scale events, including the famous Coachella and Stagecoach festivals.

Apart from these renowned festivals, Jack has also ensured the safety of various VIP events in Las Vegas, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. In addition, he plays a critical role in the San Francisco Bay Area, safeguarding VIPs with his top-notch skills.

With a reputation for excellence, Jack Bauer continues to serve with dedication and professionalism, making him a valuable asset to our K9 team.



Meet K9 Doobie, a standout member of Team K9 and an exceptional German Shorthaired Pointer. Just 3.5 years old and hailing from Whoa Nellys Kennels in Odessa, Missouri, Doobie has quickly made a name for himself in the K9 world. With his POST Certification and diligent training alongside his new best pal, Jack Bauer, Doobie brings an exciting energy to our team.

Doobie’s most notable deployment was an assignment of extraordinary prestige – he was handpicked to serve on the private security team of none other than Jeff Bezos. Spending a week in Arizona, Doobie diligently safeguarded Mr. Bezos and his closest friends, illustrating his reliability, discipline, and professionalism.

Doobie’s significant contributions have already begun to shine, demonstrating his exceptional talent and bright future in our ranks



Say hello to K9 Basher, AKA “Basher Tarr,” a dynamic German Shorthaired Pointer with a knack for explosive detection. Born in Odessa, Missouri, out of Whoa Nellys Kennels, Basher swiftly ascended the ranks of our team, demonstrating his exceptional skills and potential.

Basher made waves at Coachella and Stagecoach last year, impressively handling the immense crowds and ensuring the safety of the events. His stellar performance led to his hand-picked selection to join the prestigious overnight K9 Venue Response team at Coachella and Stagecoach this year.

Equipped with CA POST Certification, Basher’s specialty lies in conducting searches in large crowds, providing crucial security at various events. With his swift detection abilities and unwavering commitment, Basher continues to contribute significantly to our K9 team’s success and the safety of the events we serve.



Meet K9 Indy, a formidable force against domestic threats, thanks to his unparalleled proficiency in firearms detection within large crowds. Born in Odessa, Missouri, from the renowned Whoa Nellys Kennels, this German Shorthaired Pointer has already begun to leave his mark in the security world.

With both CA POST Certification and DoD validation, Indy offers a high level of expertise in ensuring safety at major events. His debut at the Lovers and Friends Music Festival in Las Vegas showcased his remarkable abilities, reinforcing our team’s dedication to maintaining a secure environment.

Indy is fully operational and ready to safeguard your event with his distinctive skill set. Whether it’s a music festival, a sports event, or a VIP gathering, Indy’s exceptional talent in firearms detection adds an extra layer of safety and peace of min




I’m a 5 year old German Shepherd. My job is to sniff out drugs. I like long car rides and exploring areas I’ve never been to before with my brother Larz. The best part about working for TK9 is all the treats I get for being a good girl.



I’m a 3 year old German Shepherd. I work as an Explosive Device Detection. I’m probably the most energetic dog you’ll ever meet. I love being outside and hanging out with my coworkers. I love my job because I get to go on car rides all the time!